November 01, 2015

It's officially November and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And with it, ALL. THE. LEFTOVERS. If you're like me, you have no trouble eating a full Thanksgiving meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week straight, but even the most die-hard Turkey Day fans like mixing it up a little. Here are 5 fresh ideas for your leftover Thanksgiving staples.

1. Sweet Potato Pancakes

Stir leftover sweet potatoes into your traditional pancake batter for delectable sweet potato pancakes, or try this yummy recipe from Kitchen Confidante (pictured above). Maple syrup and sweet potatoes were made for each other!

2. Crispy Potato Cakes

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Form leftover mashed potatoes (while cold) into patties, dredge in crispy bread crumbs (panko crumbs) and pan fry in oil until golden brown for delicious fried potato cakes.

3. Turkey Pies

Layer all leftovers for a super-easy Turkey Shepherd's Pie, or follow the directions from A Family Feast for this beautiful day-after-Thanksgiving turkey pot pie.

4. Cranberry Milkshake

Blend leftover cranberry sauce with vanilla ice cream for a seasonal cranberry milkshake!

5. Thanksgiving Pizza

Can you think of a better meal to come home to after some Black Friday shopping? This Thanksgiving leftover pizza from Baked by Rachel is pure heaven!

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