April 20, 2016

Deliciously simple and tasting like a heavenly bite of springtime, the caprese salad might just come under the heading of favorite new southern cuisine.  I've not met a southern woman yet who does not adore one.  Quite frankly, it make us happy.  It's delicious - and simple.  Win. Win.  Oh, and impressive.  Another win.  Layer thick, juicy slabs of red tomato with creamy slices of whole milk mozzarella and then leaves of fresh basil.  Next, drizzle the whole beautiful masterpiece with balsamic vinegar.  Hint:  When it comes to balsamic, it's always a good idea to invest in a bottle of the really good stuff used specially for drizzling and dipping.  The thick, syrupy goodness of high quality balsamic vinegar is divine.  You'll never regret this purchase.  Buon Appetito, Y'all!

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