April 26, 2016

Women are social creatures.  We know this.  We embrace this.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we count our girlfriends among the most important people in our lives.  Most of us could not imagine life's journey without them - or at least one really good one.  We love our men, of course, and mean no disrespect to them. Nonetheless, no man would make the cut  if we were to choose our perfect shoe-shopping, wine-drinking, chocolate-eating, advice-giving, non-judging, secret-sharing, laughter-inducing, prayer-lifting comrade.  Simply stated, a man cannot be something he is not.  Take a running shoe, for example.  Try as it might, it will never be a six inch stiletto.  You get the point.  

You may think of dozens of reasons your girlfriends are important to you.  Me too.  For the sake of brevity, here are my top three:


1.  You can be yourself  (your true self ) around your girlfriends.  No pretense needed here.  And you know the "self" I'm talking about.  The one that wants to share her opinions freely regardless of whether they're silly, weird or mildly inappropriate.  The one who wants to order the burger (not the salad) and consume it without feeling self conscious.  The one who needs to vent her anger and frustrations - even get mad - without fear of judgement.  After all, deep down you're a good person though you may not always act like it.  Your best girlfriends know this about you.  They love you anyway.

 2.  Your girlfriends have your back.  Wan't to see the wrath of an angry woman?  Mess with her BFF.  We can circle our wagons faster than a caravan of pioneers in the wild west.  There is strength in numbers and we know this.  Girlfriends are quick to defend should you fall under criticism and eager to mount the soap box to stand up for you.  In times of sadness or tragedy, girlfriends can be the buoy that keeps you from drowning, or the glue that keeps you from falling to pieces.  At your weakest moments, your girlfriends' strength will carry you through. This is more valuable than gold.


3.  Your girlfriends will tell you the truth.  This is often hard to hear, but a true girlfriend will have your best interest in the forefront of her heart.  This means she understands that, while truth can hurt, hearing it from someone you love may be essential to making meaningful change in your life.  Sometimes this truth is a simple as being told that dress you planned on wearing to your reunion makes your bum look the size of Texas.  At other times this truth may be more serious, like sharing doubts and concerns about a toxic relationship you may have in your life.  Whatever the case, thank the Lord you have a girlfriend who cares enough to speak truth to you.


"If I were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would I want to have with me?  I'd have to say a good book, plenty of chocolate and my best friend.  If I could have a fourth thing, well, I guess I'd invite my husband." - Virginia Beaumont, Thibodeaux, LA


by Ginny McCormack Ehrhart

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