What is Southern Sisters 'No Fuss' Fabric?

After years of homemaking, I was all too familiar with beautiful products that were simply that - beautiful. Not long after purchase, they were left in a closet, broken, worn, faded, or too time consuming, maybe making an appearance on Christmas or Easter. It was with this in mind that I carefully researched and selected the fabric that would make up the line of Southern Sisters linens. Functionality was as high a priority as beauty, so you don't just fall in love at the store. You continue to love your linens more and more with each use.

Our "no fuss" linens are one of a kind. We hand selected our revolutionary, proprietary fabric which is designed to have the beauty, softness, and absorbency of cotton with the easy-care properties of spun polyester.

Southern Sisters linen are:


-Stain resistant

-and Color Fast

These linens were lovingly created by one of your own, with you in mind, to provide beauty and functionality to your homemaking. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.














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